Welcome to a World of DAOs
As the blockchain ecosystem grows and more capital becomes available DAOs play an increasingly important role. DAOs allow users to organize around shared goals and missions, establish means of governance and guide and coordinate work of their members.
Grindery provides easy to use tools that allows DAOs to engage, manage and pay their DAO members. We support the types of engagement we all know: salaries, subcontracting, hourly work, bounties, grants and more.
Feel free to browse through the mess of draft docs or simply reach out!
In case you are wondering, here is what and who we are looking for:
  • Running a DAO? Let's work together.
  • Building a DAO Framework? Let's work together.
  • Tokenomics. Modelled that? Become an advisor.
  • DaoDev. Good at building networks of people? Join the team.
  • Holacracy. Cross it over to DAOs? Become an advisor.
  • Developer. Got time and interest? Bang for the buck!
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