The roll is a frequently updated document that contains all specifications relevant for our team members to maintain an overview and stay on focus.
We want to take advantage of the buzz that will be created by Harmony from making Aragon work on the HArmony Blockchain. This is scheduled to happen in the week of 25.10-29.10 and will likely be a topic on a larger DAO call schedule for Friday 29/10:
Or - if the vanity link isn't working We will be discussing the latest developments in the Harmony DAO ecosystem and also talking about what you can expect over the next two months. If you are interested in being added to the All DAO Call email list for the meeting invitations -- please visit this google form and submit your email: Mark your calendars! Tell your friends! Join us for the greatest of all DAOs! You won't want to miss it!!!
Our goal is to be able to conduct the following demo by the time of the call
<All information compiled by we go here + whatever chavel and Ley Suprapto add is relevant>
Issues to be resolved are indicated here
Pending definitions (likely by Tim here)
What does Tim Delhaes have to define still?
Ley Suprapto get it from here.
Deliverables gWORK
  • New front end under
  • Authenticate with Metamask
  • Browse and join DAOs Create and approve contracts
  • Create and approve timesheets
  • Sync payments to gPAY
  • Sync Contacts from gWORK
  • Sync completed payments to gWORK from gPAY
Deliverables gPAY for David Semakula
  • Switch Spaces (DAOs) for authorized users (member of Grindery Companies)
  • Sync payment request from gWORK
  • Sync Contacts from gWORK
  • Sync payments from gPAY to gWORK
  • Submit batch payment for vote to Aragon DAO
  • Register and display batch transaction in gPAY UI
  • Make it gasless
Loom on lightweight iintegration
Deliverables Web for chavel
Other Deliverables chavel
  • Updated Twitter profile
  • Updated LinkedIn profile
  • Updated profile
  • brand/product assets with alberto
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