The next 30 Days
Our short term focus is to build a working proof of concept that makes our vision tangible. We believe we can achieve this by working on three fronts:
Integrate gPAY to work with multiple GWork Spaces (former “companies”), sync contacts and payment requests to GPay, completed payments from GPay to GWork. Integrate gPAY with Aragon to allow governors to approve Batch Payment through votes in Aragon. Adjust gWORK to allow for sign-up and authentication via Metamask, make it possible to join DAOs via the concept of Spaces, do UI improvements and other smaller tweaks.
For this effect we will deploy the solution on the Harmony Testnet. While gPay will work decentralized the GWork will stay a centralized SaaS app for the time being. One of the major milestones will be to transition the storage layer of gWORK from centralized datastores (Airtable and MongoDB) to decentralized storage architecture leveraging IPFS as the low-level storage network and Ceramic (and related protocols like IDX) for high-level implementations of mutability, state management and access-control on top of IPFS.
We are also working on updating our website (hosted on HubSpot CMS) and social media presence. All relevant information and links can be found in The Roll.
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