• allow to search for companies.
  • search as you type for people (organized by DAO, My DAOs, etc) Def pending.
  • Explain the business and opportunity
  • DAOs will have 4 major components: governance (Aragon), Treasury (Genosis), , Voting (Snapshot) and work/productivity (Grindery?)
  • We will let this battle out between the major players and play along nicely with all of them
  • we will focus on work, productivity, contracts… in other words we are building a toolset for DAOs
  • We will integrate over time with all major DAO framework. We will start with Aragon (on Harmony) and Gensosis Safe (for Treasury, also on Harmony)
  • I think its worth writing a blog post “Putting DAOs to work” that looks at DAO evolution and its future
  • Our found focus puts us in the center of the “future of work”. Worth possibly partnering with
  • Grindery Company will focus on providing fiat on/off ramps for DAOs using USDC.
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