The Grindery DAO
The Grindery DAO will not only be our government and treasury but serve as a laboratory and (hopefully!) exemplary showcase on how DAO can be used to get shit done. The DAO will manage our treasury wallets for reception and disbursements of grants and investments.
The DAO will be made up of interim governors directly appointed by the project founders. We will be looking for individuals that
  • have strong experience in building and managing DAOs
  • are active governors DAOs that could make use of Grindery tools
  • are Involved actively in development of DAO frameworks
  • will be or are strategic investors and technology stakeholders
  • can guide token designs and economics
  • serve as strategic partner or contractors
The DAOs mission is to enable DAOs, allow them to work productively. The responsibility of the governors will include
  • suggesting features and setting priorities
  • prioritizing chains and framework integration
  • developing relationships and partnerships
  • approving withdrawal from the treasury wallet
  • contributing in making the DAO exemplary in all ways
With issuance of the Grindery Token we will gradually transition our governance to a more decentralized model.
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