The Grindery Token
Grindery will issue its own token that will have a cryptographically verifiable claim on the transaction fees generated by Grindery and are baked into the Grindery protocol. These transaction fees are passed directly into an Ethereum address that holds the underlying Grindery token. Token holders can vote on how to use the fees accrued to them.
Since we will be working cross-chain and multi-token we will be integrating with existing bridges and swaps to centralize all accrued tokens and store them as stable coins for the token holders.
Grindery will distribute and reserve tokens for the following groups:
  • Founders and team members
  • Past Grindery Inc investors
  • Future Grindery investors
  • Advisor and DAO Governors
  • DAOs that send that will use our tools
  • Users and DAOs that freceive transactions
  • Transaction Facilitators Strategic partners
Each group of tokens will have its own vesting periods and cliffs.
Exact distribution and minting and distribution will be defined over the next few months. The definition of the blockchain and token standard is also pending and will be taken by the governors of the Grindery DAO.
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