The Road Ahead
We believe in a diverse blockchain ecosystem where main chains and frameworks will co-exist. As a result we are building our tools chain and DAO framework agnostic so team will be able to take advantage of them no matter their preference for a specific blockchain (Harmony, EThereum, etc), token (Ether, One, USDC,..) or DAO Framework (Aragon, DAoHouse, etc).
A lot of our thinking goes around new ways of working together. This means that we are not only thinking about how people can work for DAOs. We are thinking about intra-DAO relations agreements and payments. We want to go beyond traditional project fees and hourly rates and enable escrows, bounties and success based fees using Oracles. We are big believers in the idea progressive scope and our contracts and agreements need to be able to take this into account. The blockchain ecosystem has developed its own set of rules and own work culture. We want to bring the best of it to mass adoption.
Another big challenge is regulation and compliance. Companies like Deel have had tremendous success over the last few years only helping traditional companies dealing with the labyrinth of compliance. Identify, KYC, taxes and labour regulations are and will unavoidably penetrate the the blockchain world that is still in its infancy. We will help teams and their DAOs to be prepare when this happens.
We are developing our apps primarily as browser Extension to minimize development and interference with the UI of other Dapps and DAO framework UIs. We believe this will provide all users with the best user experience. While mobile Dapps and wallets are important we believe most people sit at a computer with a browser for their work. As a result, again, browser extensions seem to be the platform to deliver our solutions.
Because Grindery started with centralized apps we have work ahead of us to decentralize our solutions. Some of our solutions (like GPay) are already natively on-chain. Others (like GWork) will be migrated very soon. Yes again others, like our apps that integrate with Slack (And later Telegram and Discord) connect to centralized systems and decentralization adds no value until alternative decentralized systems profilate.
While we are working today on the EVM centrix we might consider other standards in the future as proliferation spreads and interest and incentives evolve.
Grindery Inc will keep maintaining all non-decentralized products including fiat ramps, SaaS integrations and website templates that help companies to get started.
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