How does Grindery work?
Grindery Work allows DAOs to create Spaces to collaborate. To join a Space a user does not have to hold any specific token. Members of these Spaces can engage in Agreements with the DAO that owns the Space. The Agreements are flexible and can evolve over time and currently allow to set one time fees, monthly recurring charges as well as hourly rates. Users can then submit Payment Requests. Specifically designated users of the DAO can create Batch Payments of multiple Payment Requests (also called Liabilities) that are then passed for voting or multisig back to the DAO. Once confirmed the batch payment is executed and users receive their Payments.
To facilitate usage Grindery works entirely gasless and instead charges a transaction fee to the sender, usually the treasury wallet of the DAO. We are working in parallel to DAO integration (like Aragon on Harmony) on integration with multisig wallets like Gnosis Safe because they fulfil a similar “organizational” function for many crypto projects.
The above features are our primary focus for the coming month.
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