What is Grindery?
Grindery is a Delaware corporation incorporated in 2018 to developed a series of centralized SaaS tools focused on improving collaboration of distributed teams. One of these tools is a popular Slack app that allows to create employee and team directories that has been installed over 2,000 times.
With the help of Harmony, Grindery started a shift towards decentralization in the beginning of 2021. The team developed a decentralized EVM compatible payout solution that is currently in beta on testnet. The initial focus on the app was to help companies (like Grindery’s group of sister companies operating jointly as to transition global payouts to Crypto. After coming second in the Harmony Hackathon and additional follow up funding the Grindery team is now focused razor sharp on the development of tools for DAOs.
Why? Simple: we believe DAOs are the spinal cord around which all future work will be organized.
Grindery Corp will keep on developing selected centralized tools such as integration with (still centralized) messaging systems, fiat exchanges and software platforms like HubSpot to help traditional companies to gradually transition to the blockchain and decentralized architecture. Our center of attention will however be the development of decentralized, open-source tools for Grindery via its own DAO that will control all IP and assets.
All investors and shareholders will have the opportunity to swap their shares and notes into tokens in Grindery at the adequate moment. Grindery Corp might in turn be transformed into a DAO corporation and owned by the Grindery DAO.
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