Grindery will bring Web3 to the next 500 million users. Via Telegram.
  • Grindery Smart Wallet: The most widely used EVM Smart Wallet for Telegram.
  • Grindery Merchant Platform: Launch crypto payments and protocols on Telegram.
  • Grindery Payment Network: Enables 1-click purchase for users merchants.

Grindery: The Smart Wallet

The self custodial EVM Smart Wallet for Telegram.
The next generation Smart Wallet, specifically designed for Telegram's 500M users. This innovative wallet, supporting EVM blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Chain, offers keyless setups, gasless transactions, and setupless transfers. Unlike TON's default Telegram Wallet, enables broader blockchain interaction and is progressing towards full self-custody by Q1 2024, ensuring unparalleled security and ease of use. Users enjoy sending crypto using real names, natural language chat, and the vast potential of EVM compatibility. Expect future expansions with DeFi integrations, advanced web3 bots, diverse blockchain support, and complete decentralization.
Key features:
  • Key-less Setup: Effortless crypto access without passphrases or private keys.
  • Gas-less Transactions: Bid farewell to gas fees for every blockchain move.
  • Setup-less Transfers: Send crypto as easily as texting, with no recipient wallet setup required.
  • Social Address Book: Use real names for transactions, enhancing clarity and trust.
  • Natural Language Chat: Engage with your wallet conversationally or via a web app.
  • EVM Compatibility: First in Telegram to support a range of EVM blockchains.
  • Innovative Automation: Embrace web3 bots for trading, bridging, and exploring DeFi. (coming soon!)
  • DeFi Integration: Engage in token trading, swapping, bridging, and staking. (coming soon!)
  • Broad Blockchain Support: Access a multitude of chains and tokens, paving the way for full decentralization. (coming soon!)
  • Expanded Currency Options: Facilitate exchanges, ramps, and credit card transactions. (coming soon!)
  • Complete Decentralization: Transitioning towards a fully decentralized, trustless system. (coming soon!)

Grindery: The Merchant Platform

EVM transactions for dApps, Protocols and e-commerce inside Telegram.
Our Smart Wallet is transformative not only for individual users but also for digital merchants: dApps, protocols and ecommerce stores. The wallet enable digital merchants to accept one-click crypto payments for a diverse range of products, from NFTs to physical items, through Telegram Bots and Mini-dapps. This integration marks a significant step towards making cryptocurrency a universally accepted payment method. Leveraging our advanced automation infrastructure, we empower these merchants to create easy-to-use, interfaces, facilitating crypto payments for businesses of all sizes and ensuring a smooth, secure transactional experience for their customers.
  • No-code programming: Program your bot with powerful workflows using our no-code user interfaces in minutes instead of days.
  • Any chain, any protocol, any token: Detect events and create transactions for any of the supported blockchains and any protocol simply using ABIs of smart contracts.
  • Leverage bot platforms: Use Telegram Bot platforms like FlowXO to design human, AI powered dialogs for your users to interact with your dApp.
  • Unlimited extensibility: Extend your dApp to exchange data with over 5.000 web3 apps via Zapier.
  • Distribution: Allow your Bot/dApp to be discovered by thousands of new users through inside Telegram.

Grindery: The Payment Network

The seamless payment experience for users and merchants
Grindery's primary advantage for digital merchants lies not in its technology, but in its growing user network. Similar to how credit cards ease transactions in shops and restaurants, Grindery simplifies payments, creating a seamless connection between users and merchants. As more users join with funded wallets, merchants are more motivated to offer their services on the platform. This interplay between increasing user numbers and merchant services amplifies the network's value for all participants. This phenomenon, known as the network effect, not only fuels growth but also establishes a formidable entry barrier for competing technologies.


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